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Waterman Entertainment, the same company behind those awful yet highly successful, Alvin and the Chipmunks films has gain to right to that cat that terrorize the neighborhood, Heathcliff.

Move over Garfield, there’s a new orange cartoon cat that will finally get his big screen debut, HEATHCLIFF will be reimagined as a CGI/live action film with contemporary storylines, while preserving the original essence that the respective right’s holders created for each of the characters.”

Waterman commented, “When working in concert with the creators and rights holders, you are able to tap their wealth of knowledge on the character and ensure the storylines remain true to the brand and their global fan base. This will allow us to confidently present ‘Heathcliff’ to a new generation and excite fans with new stories and plots.”

So, should we join in the jubilee just yet, or wait and see ?

- Carlos.

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